(Double Structure Fluorocarbon)

Omega’s Dynasty  Fluorocarbon has the ideal softness to promote strong knot tying ability as well as great abrasion resistance. Omega’s high density core promotes sensitivity and tensile strength, preventing line twist and flawless castability.


(Dual Stage Injection Process)

Omega’s Dual Stage Injection Process is a unique shooting process which allows us to maintain a contrasting core shot and outer shell of the fluorocarbon line. Allowing for a more durable shell, with a sensitive and strength base-built core.


(PVDF Fluorocarbon)

Sourcing the finest 100% PVDF and supporting resins has been a large part of creating this fluorocarbon line. Sourced directly from Germany, will guarantee a contestant PVDF profile and constant results on the water.

Fluorocarbon line has a light refractive index of 1.42, while nylon based lines or mono, have a refractive index of 1.55. This makes Fluorocarbon line near invisible in the water. We also, maintain the highest standards on diameter to tensile strength in the industry which makes Dynasty Fluorocarbon near undetectable in the water.